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Feeling overwhelmed and like you’re drowning in your business?

Have you been working harder and harder, and know what you should really be doing is working smarter?

Are you ready to stop under-valuing yourself and start charging your worth?

Do you keep asking yourself what to spend your time on, how to get the most bang for your buck and what packages your audience really wants to buy?

It can be so hard trying to do everything yourself! (like, on the verge of burnout hard)… 

I get it! As a 22- year old, one woman show I felt the same way…until I figured out how to prosper in my business and I grew to a team of 15 people making over $1 million dollars a year!

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  • You've become aware of where you are holding yourself back and had a break through to move past any limiting beliefs or old patterns around money, your value, and your worth.
  • Your packages and prices reflect the value you deliver and you’re earning so much more.
  • You're clear on the next steps to take, where to spend your time and resources, and how get the biggest return for your investment.
  • You are confident in your ability to leverage and you have clarity on what it is and isn’t worth you time. You know where to find the next team member, what to pay them, and when the right time is in your business to outsource.
  • You've incorporated mindset work, a strong morning routine and affirmations to manifest the next steps in your business with more ease and less struggle.
  • You are well on your way to unlocking your full potential and becoming the feminine leader you're capable of.

I’m now dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs, like you, thrive in their business. I’ll help you make money, increase your wealth consciousness, get clear on your packages and pricing, build your following, and ultimately make more sales! AND avoid burnout.

I work with service-based entrepreneurs including photographers, graphic designers, real estate agents, coaches, stylists, interior designers, professional organizers and social media managers…

My clients today have clarity on their pricing and packages, are up-leveling their “sales” conversations, leveraging their time, getting organized, and making money! 

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* You’re ready to increase your wealth consciousness and master your money mindset

* You need clarity on your prices, packages and offerings

* You want to prioritize yourself as much as your business so YOU can thrive

*You want to strategically grow your business with the right tools so that you can you can start working smarter and not just harder

*You want to be held accountable to do what you say and actual execute on the goals you have for your business    

* You know it's time for you to explore hiring out a few tasks but you aren't sure if you can afford it, where to find the person, exactly how to lead them and what to pay them

* You like the idea of meeting, connecting and potentially collaborating with like-minded women entrepreneurs

* You value a group dynamic where you can learn from hearing the wins and challenges from other women entrepreneurs

* You already have an existing business, or you know the exact idea that you are going to run with (this isn’t a place to get clear on the niche or your brand new business idea)


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Weekly Modules (10):

WEEK 1. Get clear on where your business is currently, where you want to go, and give yourself permission to get clear on your desires 

WEEK 2. Upgrade your money mindset, up-level your wealth consciousness, and break-through limiting beliefs that are holding you back

WEEK 3. Create affirmations, a morning routine & dedicated time for self-care to ensure that you are leveraging the power of the universe

WEEK 4. Evaluate your business structure, identify your highest ROI (return on investment) activities, and eliminate any areas that are taking up time and resources but not producing results

WEEK 5. Put together irresistible packages that are exactly what your ideal client needs and wants

WEEK 6. Price your packages & offerings in a way that strategically makes sense for both you and your clients

WEEK 7. Learn to leverage yourself: how to hire, what to have this person do for you, where to find them and what to pay

WEEK 8. Learn the importance of social media, how and when to get a photoshoot and how to grow your following from a social media expert *Guest speaker this week

WEEK 9. Learn the importance of email marketing, how to get started, what to say in your emails and how often to email your community  

WEEK 10. Get crystal clear on next steps for your business, have complete confidence in your ability to charge your value and complete the group coaching knowing how to use what you have learned to launch your business into the next step!


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  • You'll fill out a pre-coaching in-depth packet that I will study in depth prior to the group starting so that I understand your business, where you are now, what has and hasn’t worked for you up to this point and your goals moving forward.
  • You will receive a weekly module with a video for me with teaching on the topic of the week, and a module for you to work through.
  • We will have a weekly call for 90minutes that will be an opportunity for you to get direct coaching from me on the topic of the week (or anything that you need support on).
  • You will have access to a Private THRIVE Facebook Group for the group to connect, hold each other accountable, ask questions, get laser coaching directly from me AND get my teams support on business an technical questions

Group Program Launching end of September 2017

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